Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Just a quick post

So this weekend I'm going to attempt to make my Halloween dress by using an old short sleeved maxi dress, a pair of tights and possibly some elastic. Here's the steps as to what I'm going to do:

  1. Turn my dress inside out and sew down each sides as to make the dress a full length body con style and I will then cut off the excess material
  2. I will cut of the cap sleeves
  3. I will then fold my tights together cutting at the top near the crotch are equal lengths (these will be the arms for the dress) and  then I will cut of the tips of the feet of the tights
  4. I will then sew the sleeves onto the dress
  5. Lastly I will fold the dress round the right way and cut a in it
  6. voila a new improved maxi dress

Sunday, 16 September 2012

I need to do this

I just really miss Joe already (the one I'm with in the top photo) and the necklace I'm wearing was another bargain from my beloved dorothy perkins, it was £2 such a good buy and looks great with everything, shirts, t-shirts, dresses. You name it.

Denim shirt

Today's outfit is pretty chilled as I was rushing to get to church but this is one of my favourite shirts. I managed to get it for a measly £20 from the urban outfitters sale and denim shirts are always a must have item. I have about 6 or 7 in my wardrobe. The collar tips add that little bit of detail and you can take them off so can wear them with any shirt you want. I paired the shirt with a long plain black vest from Topshop, some cord trousers from GAP and my beloved studded leopard print flats from river island. My earrings are from Dorothy Perkins, one of the best places to get some cheap chunky jewelry, they only cost me £1 in the sale, what a bargain I couldn't resist and they go with pretty much everything.

This outfit would look perfect with a leather jacket either bomber or fitted both would look great with this and some bright red lippy and a high bun paired with a rucksack or a big black handbag. I really love this envelope tote bag from urban outfitters and at £48 I think it's a pretty good spend. I might just have to get this beauty. 

To turn this into a night out outfit I would just take off the denim shirt, and put some killer black block heels on or some shocking red heels would look great with this and pair it with a clutch and my fitted leather jacket.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Homemade top made out of tights

Here's a couple of images of the top I made out of some tights, I'll put up how to do it later in the week and I might just do a video tutorial for it. All you need is a pair of tights and some scissors, so simple to make.

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Future purchases

Zoom image

Match point lace up purple velvet - £25 - Office
I'm in love with flatforms at the moment and I also love velvet so this is a perfect and cheap golden item for me, they'll look nice with pretty much anything, jeans, skirts, dresses. Can't wait to purchase these beauty's.
Cosmic printed tube skirt - £28 - Topshop
I am in love with cosmic and galaxy prints as you know and I've just fallen in love with this skirt, the rich bright turquoise with the deep purple colours are beautiful and I think it would be perfect matched with a plain black shirt and a blazer or a black leather jacket. This could be paired with some killer heels or even some plain trainers or flatforms for a casual look. This is a must buy for me and the polyester skirt will definitely accentuate my curves and show off my bum, I am also currently obsessed with midi skirts, it gives off the 50's feel, midi skirts are a must have item. It's a daring item that will fit perfectly in among my collection of midi's.

Hazy Daze Dress - £43.99 - Nastygal
I love the rolled cuffs and hem, the cool indie look is in this season and paired with a chunky necklace and some block heels it could be transformed into a stunning party outfit but with a cool edge due to the sort of tie die dusty cream colours. Gold accessories would go best with this and any sort of shoes from some flatforms to ankle boots to even as said before some killer chunky heels.

Second skin jeans - acid - £42.74 - Nastgal
I've been looking for some nice acid wash jeans for ages and these are definitely the ones, I really wanted some high-waisted ones and couldn't find any anywhere. They'll show off my bum like a treat and will go with anything, patterned t-shirts, plain shirts, jumpers you name it it will go with these. They're worth every penny.
Shield studs - £8.50 - Topshop
I'm just in love with the bright red colour and the contrasting turquoise pendant in the middle. I tend to go for gold jewelry so these are spot on. They remind me of African tribal jewelry.

DIY bleached galaxy t-shirt

I really hate first posts I never know how to start them or what to say. Over the summer I was really intrigued by galaxy clothing, the colours where the thing that really did it for me and I reckon the galaxy print will be around for a long time and will come back into fashion on numerous ocassions.

I attempted to use different concentrates of bleach to create a galaxy styled t-shirt. I simply used an old t-shirt of my grandads and applied first bleach straight from the bottle in giant blots. After that I used an old kitchen bleach spray bottle and put half bleach half water in it to create a different concentrate which I used to then spray around the already applied bleach blobs to create a gradual galaxy effect. Lastly I used a tooth pick with bleach on the end to add any small details and little stars. I rinsed the t-shirt straight after in some lukewarm water with some detergent in it to get rid of any excess bleach and hung it out to dry. I really liked the result and I'm hoping to make a few of these tops by just ordering in a batch of different coloured tshirts and then I'm going to sell them on ebay to earn a bit of extra money.

I paired it with a plain white shirt that I got for about £2 from a charity shop and a velvet pencil skirt from urban outfitters. I added my numerous rings and some plain cross earrings from topshop to add some detail.