Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Just a quick post

So this weekend I'm going to attempt to make my Halloween dress by using an old short sleeved maxi dress, a pair of tights and possibly some elastic. Here's the steps as to what I'm going to do:

  1. Turn my dress inside out and sew down each sides as to make the dress a full length body con style and I will then cut off the excess material
  2. I will cut of the cap sleeves
  3. I will then fold my tights together cutting at the top near the crotch are equal lengths (these will be the arms for the dress) and  then I will cut of the tips of the feet of the tights
  4. I will then sew the sleeves onto the dress
  5. Lastly I will fold the dress round the right way and cut a in it
  6. voila a new improved maxi dress

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