Saturday, 15 September 2012

DIY bleached galaxy t-shirt

I really hate first posts I never know how to start them or what to say. Over the summer I was really intrigued by galaxy clothing, the colours where the thing that really did it for me and I reckon the galaxy print will be around for a long time and will come back into fashion on numerous ocassions.

I attempted to use different concentrates of bleach to create a galaxy styled t-shirt. I simply used an old t-shirt of my grandads and applied first bleach straight from the bottle in giant blots. After that I used an old kitchen bleach spray bottle and put half bleach half water in it to create a different concentrate which I used to then spray around the already applied bleach blobs to create a gradual galaxy effect. Lastly I used a tooth pick with bleach on the end to add any small details and little stars. I rinsed the t-shirt straight after in some lukewarm water with some detergent in it to get rid of any excess bleach and hung it out to dry. I really liked the result and I'm hoping to make a few of these tops by just ordering in a batch of different coloured tshirts and then I'm going to sell them on ebay to earn a bit of extra money.

I paired it with a plain white shirt that I got for about £2 from a charity shop and a velvet pencil skirt from urban outfitters. I added my numerous rings and some plain cross earrings from topshop to add some detail.

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